Fonality’s World-Class Open-Source PBX and Call Center Software Solution for Resellers


It Pays to Learn

Fonality Technical Certification training will prepare you to install and configure both trixbox Pro and PBXtra. You will be able to show customers integrated solutions that can meet their needs and enable recurring revenue by offering ongoing support and managed services with your system.

At the end of the class you should be able to:

  • Install and configure trixbox Pro and PBXtra with confidence.
  • Resolve installation, administration and usage problems more quickly.
  • Provision your own phones for trixbox Pro, thereby decreasing the turnaround time required for add-on phones and devices.
  • Experience fewer problems by avoiding the usual "beginner" mistakes.
  • Have an in-depth understanding of how trixbox Pro and PBXtra work.
  • Free Demo Kit

    When you become FtOCC Certified, you will receive a FREE Demo Kit with two trixbox Pro Call Center Edition lifetime licenses and one free month of support, with certified hardware. That's a $1000 value!

    Product Discounts

    By attending FtOCC, you will qualify for reseller discounts on PBXtra and trixbox Pro licenses and support. Discounts on trixbox Pro and PBXtra licenses and support put the cost of training back in your pocket!

    What do you get for each course?

    FtOCC Tech
    Free Demo Kit yes
    Eligibility for discounts yes
    Listing on yes
    Reseller Portal access yes
    Two lifetime licenses of trixbox Pro Call Center Edition yes
    One month of support with certified hardware yes
    FtOCC Certified documentation yes
    Fonality-branded polo, t-shirt and hat! yes


    "FtOCC class has prepared me to succeed where others fail. If
    you want to design converged networks using Fonality IP PBXs you owe it
    to yourself, your clients, & the Fonality community of
    certified technicians - to earn your FtOCC credentials."

    — DealFlow Networks

    "I made some great relationships with other resellers at
    FtOCC." — Desktop Evolution

    "I've been deploying and working with trixbox for the past
    year in my company. During FtOCC Tech, I was able to gain in-depth
    diagnostic skills for troubleshooting issues with Asterisk, SIP/IAX
    trunks, PRI, and PSTN lines. The instructor gave great details and
    provided demonstrations and labs to further the understanding of the
    materials being taught."

    — Central Florida Help Desk

    "FtOCC opened my eyes to the intelligence behind the company.
    I was very impressed with the knowledge of the instructors."

    — GiaSpace

    "Best IT training I have attended ever!"

    "The training was well organized and full of a lot of solid
    information. The instructors are well versed in every aspect of the
    product. Very impressive overall."

    "The best IT training I have attended, better than
    Vortex and New Horizons! Thanks Tyler, Mike, Kerry, and Brad."