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The Real OC - trixbox Pro and Orange Coast Information Technology

Orange Coast Information Technology (OCIT) was founded in 2003 as a one-man computer break-fix shop. As the business evolved into a managed services company, management realized that offering sophisticated phone services at affordable prices would create new business and revenue opportunities for the company while providing important functionality to its customers. OCIT understood that small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) desperately needed phone systems that allowed them to grow, present a professional image and manage their ever-ringing telephones. The company began looking for a partner to add to its managed services mix and was introduced to trixbox Pro from Fonality.

Margins, Support and Customer Loyalty

“We view managed services as a series of relationships that make a difference in our ability to generate revenue, serve our clients and create better solutions. trixbox Pro has become an key component of that mix,” said Founder, Andy Roe.

OCIT finds trixbox Pro to be a good fit for a reseller model: “trixbox Pro is extremely adaptable for resellers and a terrific addition to our portfolio. We’re able to provision the hardware ourselves so our customers can either use their legacy phones or choose a model that suits them,” said Roe. “It’s a huge benefit that trixbox Pro lets us start a customer out small and up-sell to them as their needs grow.”

OCIT likes the margins offered to trixbox Pro resellers. Roe remarked that “one of the most important areas for increasing margins is our ability to purchase support in bulk directly from Fonality at a low cost, package it the way we want to and resell it directly to our customers.” Managing support this way creates new profit opportunities for OCIT, while ensuring that the company can be very hands on with its customers. “When our clients need help, they call us, not Fonality, which allows us to get them the personalized support they want. If we need help solving a problem, we can reach out to Fonality’s support team directly and transparently to our customers. This helps us build our value with customers and increase their loyalty.”

The ability to license trixbox Pro on demand has also impressed OCIT. “We can order and download trixbox Pro on demand. Since trixbox Pro works with existing handsets, it lets us get clients up and running almost immediately, which is a huge advantage.” Downloading trixbox Pro isn’t the only “on demand” topic on Roe’s mind these days. “The fact that trixbox Pro lets us just plug in phones and create sequential extensions automatically is amazing! It saves a ton of time and effort, moves the installation process along very quickly and makes us look terrific to our customers.”

Creating Vertical Opportunities

Since becoming a trixbox Pro reseller, OCIT has set its sights on growing the business vertically.

“trixbox Pro is so well suited for call centers that it makes sense to us to look for business verticals that utilize call center environments,” said Roe. OCIT has identified vertical markets that are naturals for trixbox Pro sales, including family entertainment centers, franchises, law firms and even manufacturers.

OCIT has already seen the power of trixbox Pro in a call center environment firsthand. One client with offices in Colorado, Arizona and Texas is using trixbox Pro to push calls placed to all three locations over its IP network to the Arizona location. Using an affordable an IP network allows the customer to keep costs down while creating a center of excellence that manages all customer calls from one location.

This OCIT call center customer is also benefiting from the rich reporting features trixbox Pro offers. “trixbox Pro can track and share information that shows when to add staff to the call center and on what days,” said Roe. “If there are abandoned calls, trixbox Pro displays those phone numbers so that staff members can easily follow up and not miss an opportunity. The power that trixbox Pro can offer a call center is really unbelievable.”

Looking Forward with trixbox Pro

OCIT sees a bright future with trixbox Pro. In fact, trixbox Pro is so important to its future that OCIT has hired a full-time, in-house trixbox Pro expert and is also creating a whole department solely committed to selling the phone system. “Our goal is to triple our trixbox Pro revenue in the next seven months, and I’m confident that we can do it,” said Roe.

When OCIT’s team found trixbox Pro, they knew it would fit well into the managed services mix. Now they know they were right. “We view Fonality as an important strategic partner and we know that trixbox Pro has opened the door to a different kind of business that we would not have been able to access before.”