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trixbox Pro: Designed for the SMB Reseller

Loxias IT Solutions is a Cincinnati, Ohio-based technology consulting firm that has traditionally focused on data solutions for its small and medium-sized business (SMB) customers. Many of its existing data customers were also interested in phone systems that were both affordable and robust. Recognizing a new business opportunity that could open doors to increase revenue and profit margins, the Loxias team selected Fonality trixbox as its phone system partner.

Same Customers, New Revenue Opportunity

A defined price point and enterprise-class functionality were the two most critical requirements when Loxias was seeking out a phone system for its SMB customers. trixbox Pro met those criteria and still provided Loxias solid profit margins. The company had occasionally sold and installed high-end PBX phone systems, but according to Loxias’ founder, Doug Beaudoin, “we felt like those other phone systems were far too expensive for what they offered to our customers.” With trixbox Pro, Loxias found an IP-PBX phone partner that offered a six-figure feature set with an SMB price tag.

Loxias was partial to the Asterisk IP-PBX platform, because the company had the technical chops to program a phone system themselves. However, they were concerned that Asterisk was too challenging for the average SMB to manage and that it couldn’t easily scale as customer needs grew. Beaudoin learned about trixbox and was hooked: “trixbox Pro is based on Asterisk, but has a simple yet robust user interface, powerful reporting, and has been stabilized to be more reliable. trixbox Pro is a great way to round out our product portfolio and lets us offer existing clients a robust phone system at a price they can afford.”

The ability to leverage new phone systems sales as a way to provide existing customers with even better service was extremely important to Beaudoin. “trixbox lets us strengthen our customer relationships while reaping new revenue opportunities. It’s a win-win for both Loxias and our customers.”

The Loxias management team especially likes the ability trixbox gives them to establish new profit centers for their business. “Being able to create new profit centers is huge! trixbox Pro lets us to create new recurring revenue streams by bundling services, such as support, with the phone system,” Beaudoin said.

A Perfect Fit for SMBs

Not only does trixbox Pro match Loxias’ sales needs, Beaudoin feels that the product is extremely well suited for smaller businesses that are more apt to adopt newer technologies. “From my perspective, most businesses have so much to gain from open source technologies like trixbox, but it’s the SMB market that is the first to give it a go.” This “give it a go” attitude suits his customers well. “SMBs could stretch to buy a complete Nortel system for $60,000, or they can purchase an equivalent trixbox Pro system for about $10,000. That’s not a hard sell.”

It also helps that trixbox lets SMBs present a larger, more professional image to the outside world. “Even though our customers are on the small side, they still want the advanced features that trixbox Pro offers such as computer telephony integration, screen pops, integrated voice response and conference bridging,” said Beaudoin.

And, since trixbox does not limit to a specific phone manufacturer, Loxias’ customers are also able to use their existing handsets. “SMBs don’t have time to learn how to use a new phone, many of which can be complex, and with trixbox Pro they don’t have to,” said Beaudoin. “I like that trixbox Pro lets my customers keep their own hardware or choose something that works better for them. There is a convenience factor that I can’t put a price on in addition to the actual cost savings of not having to purchase new phones.”

Beaudoin also marvels at how simple trixbox is to set up and use. “trixbox Pro is so user friendly -- it’s amazing how quickly customers can use and manage the phone system. My customers like that they can do so many advanced things by themselves.”

A trixbox Future

After a successful start with trixbox, Beaudoin is full of anticipation for how trixbox Pro will impact Loxias in the future. “We’re confident that trixbox Pro will have a significant impact on our business and expect our trixbox Pro business to grow by 20 percent in the next two years,” he said. “It was a great decision to add trixbox Pro to our product portfolio. The fact that trixbox Pro is so easy to use, and works so well, means our customers feel great about the product we’ve sold them.”