Fonality’s World-Class Open-Source PBX and Call Center Software Solution for Resellers

Award Winning Digital Agency - Clear Blue Day

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMB's) looking to take advantage of VoIP simply haven’t had many options. Phone systems from larger manufacturers are simply too expensive, and tend to be feature-lean, low technology solutions that don’t scale as the business grows.

Thanks to Fonality's trixbox® Pro, they now have the option of an affordable, enterprise class phone system that offers unparalleled reliability and productivity gains.

trixbox Pro, enables smaller businesses to compete on a level playing field with much larger companies by providing them with scalable (5-500 ext.) enterprise-class PABX phone systems that cost 40 to 80 percent less than comparable systems.

Fonality recognises the importance of user-friendly software to businesses. It has been built on market-proven hybrid-hosted commercial technologies, and is easy to use, easy to manage, scalable, reliable and delivers enterprise-class features.

Innovative digital agency Clear Blue Day is one company that has welcomed the benefits of trixbox. They have discovered the best of both worlds since implementing the trixbox software – the robustness, flexibility and affordability of open source coupled with unparalleled research, development, support and services provided by a commercial entity.

Don’t do it yourself VoIP

Clear Blue Day is known for great on-line marketing, strategy, on-line media buying and targeted web sites. They service a prestigious client list including Kitchen Connection, Sunbeam, Subaru, Pioneer and Victa.

As an early adopter of VoIP communications they had been using a self installed system but found it was unreliable and did not produce business quality performance.

CEO Peter Bray said, “As a cutting edge digital agency, it is important that we are innovative, so when we moved office about two years ago we wanted to try having end to end VoIP as a bit of an experiment. Plus we were aware of what VoIP could do, so it made sense for us as a business.”

When Clear Blue Day implemented its own VoIP system there were no packaged products available.

“We had to learn ourselves, but we are marketing specialists rather than techies, so we suffered call drop-outs, system crashes and poor voice quality. It was costing us time and money, and impacting on customer service.”

Clear Blue Day staff kept a log of call drop-outs and eventually management decided to bring in the experts. They switched to trixbox Pro, a business-grade phone system which is commercially proven in North America, but relatively new to the Australian market.

The Next Evolutionary Step in Business Communications

trixbox Pro’s user-friendly web-based control panel allows businesses to customise their phone system including adding, moving, and changing extensions as well as how incoming phone calls are routed.

Features also include, multiple auto-attendants, voicemail-to-email, Outlook integration, music on hold, spell-by-name directory, presence management and CRM integration. It helps businesses be more productive and flexible by supporting branch locations, home workers, and even workers on the road. It even means that businesses can conduct conference calls in-house instead of using expensive third party providers.

trixbox Pro has been designed, and thoroughly tested, for both single-site businesses with basic telephony needs to national corporations with distributed call centres that need advanced presence management and communication tools.

The right solution with the right support

“It is an all-in-one solution at the right price and with the support we need. It allows the company’s 30 staff to make free VoIP phone calls,” said Mr Bray.”

trixbox Pro offers a hybrid-hosted architecture which means that businesses get 24x7 monitoring, complete phone mobility, and automatic updates. Businesses can use VoIP service providers or standard telephone providers.

“The implementation was brilliant – very quick and simple as we were guided all the way by Fonality staff. Now we are benefiting from a higher quality and more reliable VoIP system. We waste less time on drop-outs and the voice quality gives our people the confidence to talk more on the phones.”

“The system will pay for itself within the first three months and has resulted in increased productivity and flexibility for staff.”

“Keeping track of calls both incoming and outgoing is a big plus, as is the ability to easily create conference calls and record conversations when necessary.”

“Finally we have a VoIP system that reflects the quality of our own service.” said Mr Bray.

Changing the World for SMB’s

Fonality was founded in 2003 as a residential VoIP provider by entrepreneur and small and medium-sized business expert, Chris Lyman. Within months of starting the company, Lyman and his team of four people recognised a need for a PBX phone system. After shopping around and receiving quotes for huge amounts, Fonality immediately shifted gears from residential VoIP to business telephony.

trixbox began in 2004 as a home grown telephony project, but it rapidly became one of the most popular open source projects in the world. trixbox Pro is widely recognised as the world’s largest commercial Asterisk-based deployment with over 5000 systems in 100 countries making over 225 million calls

Fonality's trixbox Pro has changed the world for millions of small and medium-sized businesses that need affordable enterprise-class phone systems.