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Introducing Fonality trixbox Pro 5.2

More powerful and easier to use, Fonality trixbox Pro 5.2 includes a suite of Unified Communications enhancements designed to make your communications system more powerful and user friendly.

New in trixbox Pro 5.2

User Based Licensing

Fonality trixbox Pro 5.2 has aligned to a user-centric licensing model, allowing a single employee to have up to four additional extensions at no additional cost associated with their user account. Providing ease of management within both the control panel and Fonality Heads-up-Display (HUD), the user-based licensing structure will also provide more accurate reporting metrics for managers.

Fonality Heads-up-Display (HUD) Multi-site Linking

Fonality HUD linking now permits multiple HUD servers to connect regardless of location enabling company-side presence and enterprise chat, leveraging company-wide virtual conferencing rooms, and creating a unified contract center experience.

Enterprise-grade Voice Quality Monitoring

Fonality FONscore provides a diagnostic view of your communication system and allows admins to drill into any device to see metrics like latency, jitter and packet loss for recent calls. Additionally, all quality metrics are stored in a call detail records to historical investigation.

Upgraded Platform Core

Release 5.2 of Fonality trixbox Pro contains an upgraded platform allowing for multi-core and multi-threaded processors. This flexible communication solution is now more responsive, can operate faster, and can increase your company’s concurrent calling.

Enhanced Call Center Feature Set

With Fonality trixbox Pro Call Center Edition, this new platform enhances the suite of call center features already at your disposal. Release 5.2 improves upon powerful external reporting health checks that allow you to remain with your SLA metrics including time to answer, average call length, agent log off reason codes and additional call center reporting metrics.

Permissions-based Dialing Options

Through the use of group permissions, Fonality trixbox can restrict the calling capabilities of various employees (staff vs. executives) in order to safeguard from erroneous monthly billing including international dialing and even directory information restrictions.

Current customers looking to upgrade to Fonality trixbox Pro 5.2.0 will be able to schedule an upgrade after April 1st 2011. If you have any further questions please contact your reseller.