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How do I Choose?

trixbox® has always been about freedom and choice. With three new trixbox editions to choose from, this has never been more true. Whether you're a trixbox veteran or are new to trixbox, there are a number of things to consider when determining which version is right for you.

Which version is best for me?

To help you choose the best product for your needs, the section below provides the high-level characteristics of each of the trixbox product lines.

trixbox SE
trixbox Pro EE/CCE

Hardware Agnostic supported supported
VoIP-Ready supported supported
Click to Call supported supported
Unified User Panel supported supported
Conference Bridge - supported
Integrated HUDlite supported -
Integrated HUD Pro - supported
Automated Alerts - supported
Web Access to Call Recordings1 - supported
Distributed Call Center1 - supported
Group Permissions - supported

Fully Extensible - -
Anywhere Management supported supported
Branch Office Linking supported supported
Software Co-Branding supported supported
Software Re-Branding - supported
Auto Software Upgrades - supported

Basic CDR Reporting supported supported
Advanced CDR Reporting supported supported
30 Day Offsite CDR Archive supported supported
1 Year Offsite CDR Archive - supported

Security & Support
24×7 Proactive Monitoring2 supported supported
24×7 Emergency Phone Support4 supported supported
Automatic Offsite Backups supported supported
Enhanced Support for Certified Hardware supported supported
Real-Time System Graphs supported supported
Historical System Graphs - supported

For detailed feature comparisons between the trixbox Pro editions, or to learn more about the advanced features of trixbox Pro Enterprise Edition and Call Center Edition, click here.

1 Call Center Edition Only
2 Requires registration and paid support