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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

Who is Fonality?

Fonality is an Intel-funded telephony company based in Los Angeles. It was founded in 2003 and has grown to offer:

  • PBXtra®, a hybrid-hosted turnkey enterprise-class phone systems for small and medium-sized businesses
  • trixbox Pro, a hybrid-hosted software-based solution for data resellers
  • trixbox CE, an open-source flexible solution for the "build it yourself" enthusiast
  • The trixbox Appliance, a hardware solution designed specifically for the trixbox platforms

Why is "trixbox" written with a lower-case "t"?

If E.E. Cummings can do it, we can too! Or, should we have written that e.e. cummings or even e e cummings? ;)

Is trixbox open source?

The "guts" of trixbox Pro are CentOS and what we call "PBXtra Core" (a commercially hardened version of Asterisk). Both of these are both Open Source. However, HUD and the trixbox Pro Web-based Control Panel are not Open Source.



Product Questions

Why are you calling trixbox Pro's technology "market proven"?

trixbox Pro uses the "PBXtra Core." PBXtra is Fonality's original product, a turnkey PBX solution for small businesses. PBXtra has won numerous awards (including Editors' Choice from PC Magazine and Network Computing) and is now being used by over 2500 customers with over 50,000 users in 50 countries. To date over 120 million calls have been placed using the product. So, because we have based trixbox Pro off of this same exact 4-year hardened "core" we are able to call the technology "market proven."

How do I upgrade my trixbox Pro Standard Edition to EE or CCE?

Click here, and select "Order upgrades for an existing trixbox Pro server." You will not need to reinstall as the upgrade automatically takes care of everything.

Can I downgrade my trixbox Pro?

No. There is a long technical explanation, but suffice to say that various configuration files get written to your server which are almost impossible to "undo."

Can I upgrade from trixbox CE to trixbox Pro?

Unfortunately, no. While built on similar core technologies, trixbox CE is an open-source project with a wildly unpredictable number of configurations (primarily because people tend to hand-edit their .conf files). For this reason a smooth upgrade is nearly technically impossible. Ever tried upgrading your Debian server to CentOS, your Linux box to Windows, or your Avaya phone system to Cisco? Now you understand. ;)

Does trixbox Pro work in other languages?

Unfortunately, no. Currently trixbox Pro's User Panel can only be configured to English (US). Different language configurations, however, is available for HUD.

Does trixbox Pro support Branch Offices?

As they say in California, "totally, dude." trixbox Pro supports branch offices by purchasing our "Linked Server" Software. Linked Servers can be enabled with literally one click of the mouse and allow 4-digit dialing between branch offices, shared Spell-by-Name directory, call hunting between locations, shared call center queues, and much more.

Can I "Link" a Standard Edition with a Call Center Edition?

Yes, you can link between any of our trixbox Pro editions. Just be aware that you will only receive the lowest common denominator of functionality between the two editions. In other words, linking a Call Center Edition (CCE) server with a Standard Edition (SE) server will not allow shared call center functionality at the SE branch, but *will* allow you to have 4-digit dialing between the locations. We encourage you to work with us to architect the overall solution at the outset of the sales process so that you are building the best design possible.

Can I do CTI by writing custom AGIs?

Yes, with trixbox Pro Enterprise or Call Center Editions you can invoke AGIs which you can author in just about any language such as Perl, C, Java and more. With custom AGIs, you can make trixbox Pro do some mean tricks including deep CRM integration, ticketing integration, database dips, text-to-speech, internet look-ups, and the ability to read the newspaper to you in a dog's voice.

I love to hack my .conf files, are you cool with that?

No. If you love to tweak .conf files, then trixbox CE is probably best for you. In order to maintain a controlled environment, trixbox Pro adopts a very strict interpretation of your conf files and we will actually overwrite your premise .conf files when you make changes in our Web Control Panel. This way, everything in your conf files is predictable and we can give you great support on the product.

Do I get root access to my trixbox Pro server?

Yes, you will be given root access to your trixbox Pro server. We ask you to be nice and understand that the trixbox Pro stack has been hardened into a very stable stack. But, this stack is delicate and even (what you consider) small changes to packages can cause disastrous side-effects.



Hybrid-Hosted Questions

What is "hybrid-hosted"?

This is the patented architecture for trixbox Pro which is part hosted and part premise. It reduces truck rolls, let's people configure their IP PBX remotely, naturally works with telecommuters, automatically upgrades, and more. Click here for more info!

How do the premise equipment and the data center communicate?

The trixbox Pro premise server creates an outbound VPN connection to Fonality's data centers. Data sent across this tunnel is encrypted so your information is always secure.

Does hybrid-hosted mean that Fonality can listen to my calls?

No! Your phone conversations are private, point-to-point, and do not traverse our network at any time. Please reference our privacy policy for more information.

Are my voicemails and recordings private too?

Yes. Audio files are only stored on your premise server. Even if you choose to use the trixbox Pro Web Control Panel to listen to audio files, you are only proxying them from your premise trixbox Pro server.

Does the connection require an opening in our firewall?

95% of the time: no. Due to the outbound nature of the connection, there is no need to open firewall ports or make any changes to your network. The only exception is a firewall setup with extraordinarily strict outbound rules, in which case we publish the required port information. Click here to see what ports are used

Does "hybrid-hosted" provide me some offsite redundancy?

Yes. Fonality's data centers provide a variety of services for trixbox Pro customers. For starters, every configuration change that is made to your system initiates a configuration backup in the data center. This means that if problems occur, your system can be "rolled back" to a previous configuration state. Copies of your CDR are also stored in our data center so that reports can be run at our data center and not slow your premise server. You can disable offsite CDR replication if you wish.

If my Internet, or Fonality's Internet, goes down, what happens?

Your system will continue to function as normal -- calls, voicemail, conferencing will all work as normal. However, during the outage you will not be able to make moves, adds, or changes via the Web Control Panel. trixNet will also not function during an outage. If the outage is on your end then you will not be able to make VoIP calls or have telecommuters connect to trixbox Pro during this period.

If my server crashes or unplugs will my phone system still work?

No. Your server needs to be running in order to send or receive calls.



Equipment Questions

Is there defined hardware that needs to be used with trixbox Pro?

Hardware is critical. Not all servers, cards, or phones are alike (even if they say "SIP-compliant" on the box). For this reason, we have built three hardware categories. Depending on which category your deployment falls into you will receive more favorable support pricing and options. Also, consider using the trixbox Appliance, which is built specifically to run trixbox CE and trixbox Pro.

What are the minimum system requirements?

Minimum Configuration:

  • Intel Celeron D 2.4 Ghz CPU
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 80 GB EIDE HD
  • LAN

Suggested Configuration:

  • Intel Pentium 4 3.0 Ghz CPU (512KB L2 Cache)
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 2 x 80 SATA for s/w based RAID-1
  • Dual LAN

Performance Matrix

Processor Type RAM # of calls # of ACD calls
Celeron 256MB 5 2
Celeron 512MB 8 3
Pentium 4 512MB 15 6
Pentium 4 1GB 23 9
Pentium Dual Core 512MB 15 6
Pentium Dual Core 1GB 23 9
Pentium Dual Core 2GB 46 18
Dual Core XEON 1GB 45 25
Dual CoreXEON 2GB 60 33
Quad CoreXEON 1GB 68 37
Quad CoreXEON 2GB 83 45
Quad CoreXEON 4GB 98 54
Quad CoreXEON 6GB 100+ 70+

Note: Because there is a wide variety of system components and variation between onboard cache size, processor revisions and CPU speed these numbers are best used as a reference.

What OS is needed to run trixbox Pro?

The server you purchase for trixbox Pro does not require an Operating System. The trixbox Pro installer will automatically install the CentOS (Linux) Operating System prior to installing the trixbox Pro software.

Do you allow resellers to provision their own phones?

Yes. And if you use phones from our certified hardware list, trixbox Pro will even automatically provision them.




What is the real cost of deploying trixbox Pro?

You need trixbox Pro software. Then you need to buy a server and IP phones. If you plan on deploying a non-VoIP system, you will need to buy a line card. Fonality recommends Sangoma cards for their superior quality and echo cancellation. You can also optionally purchase support from Fonality.

Can I convert from my trixbox Pro monthly license fee to a lifetime license?

Yes. For software licenses, you can convert from monthly recurring payments to lifetime at any time in the trixbox order forms. Unfortunately, we cannot credit your monthly payments toward the price of lifetime licenses.

What kind of a discount do I get as a reseller?

Resellers can receive up to 50% off based on volume. Click here for more info

I am in Siberia. Do I pay my monthly fee in US dollars?

Yes, we currently charge fees in US dollars at the current credit card conversion rate.

If I am on a monthly per-seat plan and stop paying, what happens?

A valid credit card must remain on file for the monthly license fees to be charged on. In the event that a credit card is declined, you will have 10 days to provide a valid credit card prior to your system being disabled. Lifetime customers are fully paid upon purchase and can keep their system (and get free software updates) for life!

Can you invoice me for my license and support fees?

Currently we do not offer invoicing payment options.



Support Questions

What are your support hours?

Support hours for trixbox Pro is 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Pacific Time (15:00 - 0:00 GMT).

How much does support cost?

trixbox technical support pricing can be found by clicking here.

Why do you bill me monthly for support but make me commit to a year?

In the telephony industry, 60% of annual support occurs in the first 8 weeks while you are deploying and fine-tuning the product. For this reason, we don't allow people to "get auto insurance for the one month before the car crash."

Can I purchase a support subscription after I test out the product?

Of course! You can purchase support at any time. However, most customers find it beneficial to purchase support at the time of initial purchase for installation assistance, and peace of mind during deployment.

What if most, but not all, of my hardware is "Certified"?

To qualify for our most affordable support subscription (Certified Support) 100% of your hardware must be certified - this means server, phones, and cards. If any of them are not certified, then your system will be harder for us to support and therefore we are not able to provide you our lowest-cost "Certified Support."

How do I access support?

If you have a paid Support Subscription or have purchased hourly support you can contact us online via our "Supportal" (Pro only) or by phone at 1-888-trixbox (874-9269).

What does support cover?

Support scope varies depending on which version of trixbox you're running, the support plan that you choose, and what hardware you use. Click here for more info

How do I register my server for Support?

If you purchased your trixbox Pro Support option at the same time as your trixbox Pro server, then your ServerID has already been registered with us and there is nothing further to do. If a Support key is required, it will be forwarded to you in your order confirmation email.

If you are purchasing additional support coverage for your trixbox Pro server at a later time, simply click here, select "Order upgrades/support for an existing trixbox Pro server", and you will be prompted for your ServerID and Admin Panel password. When you purchase your support option, it will now be registered to the ServerID provided.



Billing Questions

How do I add or remove licenses to my trixbox Pro installation?

Click on order and select the option for "Order support or upgrades for an existing trixbox Pro server". Log in using your trixbox Pro Admin username and password, and you will have the option to increase, decrease or upgrade your licenses.

Change billing info for monthly trixbox Pro license or Support subscription?

Click on order and select the option for "I want to change my billing options for an existing trixbox Pro server". Log in using your trixbox Pro Admin username and password and simply enter your new credit card information.

How do I cancel my trixbox Pro license subscription?

Click on order and select the option for "I want to change my billing options for an existing trixbox Pro server ". Log in using your trixbox Pro Admin username and password and you will be presented with the option to cancel the subscription on any of your trixbox Pro servers.

How do I cancel my trixbox Pro Support subscription?

trixbox Pro Support is an annual subscription, billed monthly; therefore, it cannot be canceled within the first year. test